The Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

The Rising Tide Lifts All Boats is a thought that the improvement of some has an effect on others. This principle is true in many applications but has no bases in others. The decline and rise of a situation effecting something else depends largely upon the relationship between them.

This statement “The Rising Tide Lifts All Boats’ is a quotation attributed to the late president John F. Kennedy. Actually research states it was the slogan of the New England Council and is used primarily as a reference to the actions and reactions of an economy. This can be true to a certain extent because as business people increase their profits they in turn add employment opportunities for others. Like wise this increases the spending power of their employees and other businesses also enjoy that benefit, which again creates more profits and more opportunities.

There is another situation this quote can be applied to that is often not considered. This is the influence the actions of others have upon each of us. As we see the rewards and benefits received by one of our associates for their actions it causes us to apply ourselves more. The realization of our potential is revived and the desire to accomplish our goals is recharged. Our vigor and vitality is refreshed and a newfound energy and excitement is initiated. The example set by others doing what we know we should do, should be a catalyst causing use to take the action to produce our desired results.

We should celebrate the accomplishments of others and strive to make our achievements a priority in our own lives. Don’t allow our mindset and attitude to make excuses for us, justifying our failures and excusing them. There should be no jealousy or resentment involved but a realization it is still possible for us also. The other person has different talents and abilities but we each have the required attributes to achieve greatness if we only apply them. Ridiculing and belittling ourselves for our failures is counterproductive and will cost more time and effort to overcome than facing the facts, we didn’t do the work.

When one of our acquaintances achieves a milestone on their lives always be supportive of them, as we would wish them to be for us. The time of our celebration will come if we apply the needed effort and these people will be one of the first to congratulate you. Allow them to be an example for you and use it to improve your situation. As their “boat” raises it causes a wave to swell under others, raising their enthusiasm and bringing renewed courage.